5 Reasons Why Home Lighting Matters

Have you been considering upgrading or updating your home’s light fixtures, both in the interior and exterior of the home? This can make a huge difference in a number of ways. Here are the top 5 reasons why home lighting matters.

1. Work Lighting

Various projects need to be well-lit if they are to be done properly. Even thorough cleaning when doing house work requires adequate illumination. It is also very important to keep work lighting available in your garage where car maintenance takes place. Many people keep work benches in their garage as well, and there needs to be plenty of bright light for repairs, carpentry and construction. If you do work projects outside, make sure there is enough light available for that also.

2. Safety

One of the reasons it should be one of your top priorities to make sure your lighting is ample throughout the interior of the home is to keep everyone safe. Areas like the porch, the front yard, backyard, walkways, front steps, driveway, hallways, staircases and anywhere there are obstacles must have light available to prevent a trip, fall or other accident. This includes the basement and walk-in closets, too.

3. Mood and Living Environment

It is more than acceptable to update your light fixtures simply to set a mood or create a style. Your living environment is one of the number one aspects of your life that affects your daily well-being. Lighting can enhance your moods. You should keep a variety of lighting options – dim and bright, colored and white – available throughout every area of your home. You should never underestimate the way light can make you feel. In fact, there are certain types of lights and lamps that are intended for providing a glow similar to natural sunlight, for those who experience depression during colder seasons.

4. Reading Lamps and Light Fixtures

Reading a book, magazine or newspaper is one of the most relaxing and enriching activities you can partake in, but it can become burdensome when adequate lighting is not available to do so. Make sure you have reading lamps and bright light available in all areas where reading is commonplace. That includes next to your bed, your easy chair, couch, loveseat, and above the kitchen table. There are even outdoor lights that can illuminate your deck so that you can read while sitting on your yard furniture and to enable you to play games on the outdoor table.

5. Dressing and Primping

There is nothing more embarrassing than arriving to work, on a date or at a party and finding out that the way your clothing and makeup appeared when you got ready was not how they look in real life outside the home. This is a good sign that your bathroom, bedroom and other vanity areas are poorly lit. It can cause you to make color matching mistakes or forget to remove noticeable lint from your clothing. Be sure to install lighting that is not only bright but accurate in color and spread out enough to accurately reveal all aspects of your wardrobe and complexion.